The Kelly Marie Richard Case

A case of horrific injustice.

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Posted by Kelly Marie Richard on May 10, 2013 at 10:35 AM Commentscomments (0)

A middle class single mother, Kelly Marie Richard, and her two children, Ryan and Justin Trigg, were seriously injured by Calgary orthodontist, Dr. C. Todd Lee-Knight, the son of a high ranking retired RCMP officer, Jack C. Lee-Knight, and the cover up that followed is what you would only expect to see in a Hollywood movie script, beyond anything anyone could imagine possible in Canada.

The substantial irrefutable evidence proves the mega corporation, CGI, and the government and courts they are in partnership with, went to extreme lengths to obstruct Kelly and her sons from getting the justice Canadian law establishes they are entitled to.

In addition to being partners with the government and courts in Canada, CGI represent at least 17 major Canadian insurance companies, including Dr. Lee-Knight's insurance company, ING Canada, and handle all claims and litigation on behalf of these insurance companies. The evidence proves CGI unlawfully used their extensive government contracts to harass and threaten Kelly and her children and obstruct them from getting justice, including subjecting them to a fraudulent child welfare investigation to harass Kelly out of filing the valid lawsuit she filed against Dr. Lee-Knight for seriously injuring her and her two children, and falsifying Kelly's health records, CPP records, and the court transcripts relating to her case, and much more.

When CGI and the government, major partners with CGI, learned Kelly had the evidence proving what CGI had unlawfully done to obstruct her and her children from justice, and that she had reported this to the RCMP and the media, the evidence proves that they then conspired to have Kelly fraudulently declared non compos mentis and wrongfully committed into a forensic psychiatric facility to stop her from sharing this very damning evidence and to complete their cover up.

The horrific injustice done to Kelly Marie Richard and her children is beyond anything Canadians or anyone could ever imagine possible in Canada, yet the undeniable evidence proves what CGI, the government, the RCMP, and the courts in Canada unlawfully did to Kelly and her sons, and proves that the government, the RCMP, and the courts in Canada have been seriously corrupted by CGI and that all Canadians and our democracy are at very serious risk.

Click link to view evidence proving everything reported above and much more...

An Open Letter to the Honourable Neil Wittmann, Chief Justice, written by Robin Mathews

"You presided, I believe, as Associate Chief Justice in Calgary, over the financial ruin, the extreme medical hardship, the deep psychological anguish of Ms. Richard and her two young sons – and the refusal of the court to examine her incontrovertible evidence of malpractice. And, most important, it is my strong belief that you presided over violations of justice and procedure that constitute such an outrage they still cry out for a full Royal Commission Inquiry into the Kelly Marie Richard case … and your role in it."...


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